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The Ukrainian Flag

At our Winter retreat, UKRAINIAN families presented This Child Here with the Ukrainian flag. These are the words they wrote on it.

(above: Olya Balaban, our Program Manager)

This Child Here” Thank you for not leaving us in an anxious and difficult moment. We will never forget all the good things you have done for us. I bring sincere words of thanks. There are only a few such people left in the world. Thank you for your sensitivity and kindness.

Sincerely, the Zhukova family - Makirya, Yulia, Yana Kramorets.

Kherson region, Berezhanka village

(The flag presented with words of gratitude and the handprints of children)

Thank you for the long-forgotten sense of peace, for the opportunity to be with the child without responsibility for the routine. You are the best!!!

Thank you, Robert

From Anastasiia L.

(Signing the flag)

This is the best trip of my life! Thank you!!!

From Lesya T., Kherson

Thank you for making dreams come true.

P.S. We look forward to visiting you in peaceful Ukraine.

Thank you "This Child Here" foundation for the emotions, for the quality time spent with the children. We love You!

With love, the family of Maykovich from Khersonshchyna

Thank you for new meanings of life. I wish you prosperity!

Many thanks to the center for a break from the war. May god bless you. We wish peace, joy and love!

Thank you for the trip and emotions. May God help you!

Thank you so much

From Max Jukow

Thank you for the happy moments you give children!

From Olena, Mykolaiv.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful atmosphere for children and mothers. You are the best!!!

From the family of Popov from Mykolaiv.

Warmest thanks to center, we wish prosperity, strength and inspiration

From Ira from Kherson

Thank you. I wish you inspiration!

Thank you for the wonderful emotions! We wish you prosperity and new successful projects!

From the family of Shutak

Thank you!!! Wish you further development and inspiration!!!

From Valia from Khersonshchyna

(My First beard in many years)

Grace and peace to all,

Robert Gamble


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