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Again, this is an opportunity to go within and explore feelings and emotions and share with others. It is also a time when relationships are strengthened. Mothers bond and support each other. The experiences of safety, shelter, and trust are vital to readjustment from the experience of trauma.
Program for Mothers
Every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm, twenty to thirty mothers gather at our Center for Creative Activities. We begin with games for the group as a whole. This is followed by a time of singing, and then a time for casual talk and tea. For the final session, the group is led by a psychologist. Through the use of Conversation Cards mothers receive a picture and are invited to speak about it: what they think it means and what it means to them. As the women sit in a circle they speak or pass when their turn comes. This is followed by a time when art supplies are distributed and mothers are encouraged to draw or paint as guided by a theme. Again the psychologist leads them as they are invited to share their artwork with the rest of the group. 
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