Our work is with and for the vulnerable youth of Ukraine.  Over the years, we have trained foster families to receive youth and children from orphanages; we have trained mentors for youth in facilities. We have taught peacemaking skills and attitudes to youth and adults. Currently, all our work is focused on families displaced by the war. 

This Child Here is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit.  

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During Peacetime we have a mission

It has to do with vulnerable youth and children in Ukraine. 

There are 106,000 children living in 751 orphanages across Ukraine. There are 2,758 youth and children in orphanages in the region of Odessa that we intend to close down, not by some legal action but by taking children away.

Our goal: For every child, a home; every child a family. Every child needs to love and be loved by parents. Every day in a building without a functioning mother or father, is another day of childhood development delayed and denied.  


We know how to prepare foster families to understand the commitment they are making, to learn tools of discipline and encouragement, and to create a home for healthy childhood development and love.