People Are Our Finest Resource

Robert Gamble, Executive Director, This Child Here, Inc.

Responsible for supervision of the staff, hiring and management of employees, leads the organization in goal setting and strategic planning in consultation with the staff and board members, provides assessment and evaluation of organizational progress. The Executive Director is responsible for fund raising and reporting to the Presbytery of Western North Carolina within which the Executive Director leads This Child Here as a Validated Ministry of the Presbyterian Church USA.


Olya Balaban, Manager of This Child Here programs in Ukraine; Director of Refugee services in Izmail, Ukraine.

Responsible for all programs in Ukraine with attention to the internally displaced persons living in Izmail. This includes providing food and some products from markets, managing and overseeing the staff and programs at the three Centers for Children and Families in Izmail.  Programs also include camps in summer and winter for these families. 


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Mariam Hansevyarova, Director of Refugee services in Odessa, Ukraine and is responsible for the management of programs and staff in Odessa, with attention to the internally displaced persons staying at Stop In Odessa Hostels 1 and 2, and to the distribution of food. 

Natalia Slepchenko, Psychological Services, Odessa Hostel for refugees is responsible for a regular schedule visits twice a week to the Hostels to meet with children and families. 

Anastasia Astahova, Psychologist, is available to meet with members and families at our hostels in Odessa and also for consultation on-line with those who need help in Izmail.


Alona Andrushenko, Psychologist, Camp Varna, Bulgaria, is responsible for work at the Center for Children and Families. Primarily this is work with groups of children, leading activities that nurture relationships and healthy childhood development. 


Anya Ivanish, Manager of the Center for Children and Families in Izmail is the on-site administrator and youth worker for youth and children activities.


Lena Barbul, Refugee Services, Vilkova, Ukraine is responsible for the stocking and distribution of food from the warehouse in Vilkova.

Victor Remizov, refugee services Izmail, is responsible for the delivery of food and products to families in Izmail and in the region around Izmail.