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Our Centers for Creative Activities and Sports
Our Center for Creative Activities is open seven days a week from 0900 to 1900 with a two hour break between 1300 and 1500, Each day is divided into four time periods, and children are divided into four age groups: two for elementary school and two for middle school and high school. Programs include art therapy, crafts, singing, guitar lessons, English classes, exercise, dance for children, and three hour program on Sunday afternoons for mothers. Table tennis is always an option for play, as is the keyboard/piano. Plans this fall include classes in cooking led by a local restaurant chef and equipment to record music. 
This Center has three rooms and a small office. As it is located at the lowest level of an apartment building and mostly undergound, it qualifies as a shelter during air raids. But it is important to note that while Izmail, sounds an air raid signal because it is part of the region of Odesa, it has not been hit with rockets or bombs since the beginning of the war. It is equipped with heat and airconditioning, two power banks for power outages, and an electric generator.

Though the Center for Creative Activities has programs for learning, the bonus is the relationships developed between mothers and between children. These relationships are a powerful therapy for those traumatized by their experience of this war. 
Our Center for Sports is open five days a week. In the late fall, winter, and early spring, we rent a local gymnasium with a net for tennis and a large mat for exercise. In the remainder of the year, space is rented at a local tennis club for outdoor activities. Both indoor and outdoor programs include activities for down syndrome and autistic children.
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