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The following story was given to me in Ukrainian, written by Tatiana Lonskaja. With the help of google translate I rendered it into English and inserted a few words [ like this] to clarify. Read it and you will understand, in a deeper and more personal way, what few understand: what is happening in Ukraine.

“-The soldiers of your country go to death for the sake of death, and the defenders of my country die for the sake of life.”


I watched the soap bubbles I used to wash my hands turn pink from the drops of blood on my skin. I looked detached, without any emotions and ...

THE DRONE STRIKE:  We sat against a wall, shielded from the window. Two drones hit about 100 yards away. Listen for  the whine of the engines and propellers, the sound of machine guns trying to shoot them down, and the explosions.  explosions.

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CNN OP_ED, Ukraine to Russia: I’m not your child

 We are dancing on CNN!

The Undergrounders, iReport CNN

BBC Discovery Channel-you will need to go to 8 minutes and 22 seconds, click below

News Journal, Daytona Beach, Fl

 The Photography of Michal Novatny

Best of Photojournalism, 1st prize, Enterprise Picture Story (large markets), 2007

  The photography of Chasper Senn

A german photographer, Chasper Senn came to Ukraine in the spring of 2013.


A best short film, Ukraine, 2008, Odessa Holes

In 2006, I paid a young journalist, Yulia Gorodetskaya, to make a video of my work with street kids in Ukraine.  This remarkable short video was selected as one of the 13 best short films in Ukraine and toured the country in local independent theaters.

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