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Where do your donations go?

Above, I am speaking at Avenue Church (Presbyterian) in NYC (on the screen, Project Manager for This Child Here, Alla Soroka); See also at the bottom: Olya Balaban in Izmail, Ukraine and Mariamka Hansevyarova in Odessa, Ukraine. WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHERE YOUR DONATIONS GO? SEE BELOW: ...Every day, refugee families and families in need receive food, clothing, medicine and supplies in Izmail, Odessa and the regions of rural Ukraine near Odessa from the money you donate. Thousands of refugees are moving from cities like Kiev, Kharkiv, Kherson, Mariople, and Nikolaev to Odessa and on to Izmail and Romania. If you would like to hear about our experiences in Ukraine and the work of This Child Here, write and invite me, Robert Gamble ( ) or invite Alla Soroka ( We can come to you on Zoom. If you are not far from Asheville, NC, I can come in person. Robert Gamble

A mother with two children in the middle and the mother's sister on the right.

In black, Olya Balaban

Below, Project Manager, Alla Sorok

Below, working in Odessa, Mariam Hansevyarova


Dr. Robert Gamble D.Min, PC(USA) Executive Director, to learn how to donate via PayPal or Debit or check CLICK HERE

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