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Spring 2024 Tour of America

On February 19th, this email was sent to 199 Presbytery Executives/Leaders and Stated Clerks of 115 Presbyteries across the USA. From early April to early May, I will be traveling to the offices of 51 Presbyteries in 24 states to share the work of This Child Here in Ukraine.

Dear Friends at the Presbytery office,   

I've been asked for a statement of my credentials, a brief explanation of what we do, ways churches can help, and my contact information. I would be thrilled if you would include it in a newsletter, info for a presbytery meeting, or on your website.

I am Robert D. Gamble; since 2006, I have lived and worked in Ukraine. I am a PCUSA Minister (Teaching Elder) and Executive Director of This Child Here, Inc., a ministry validated in the Presbyterian Church (USA) by the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, and a graduate of The U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Columbia Theological Seminary D.Min, and Princeton Theological Seminary, Th.M. I believe I am the only PCUSA minister living and working in Ukraine. 


Our staff and volunteers (often Presbyterians) work with families who have fled the Russian invasion: displaced families who stayed in Ukraine. We are located in Izmail, in the southwest, near the Black Sea. Out my window is the Danube; across it, Romania.

Through our Center for Creative Activities and Center for Sports in Izmail and summer and winter programs, we have built a supportive community, addressing the issues addressing trauma, and shaping the feelings and memories they will have of this war. In the words of one mother, "You didn't just give us what we needed. You did the impossible. You made us family."  

Our funding comes from Presbyterian Churches, Presbyterians, and others interested in helping the people of Ukraine. Every year, I travel across the States to thank supporting churches and individuals. 


I don't ask for funding from Presbytery Committees or offices, but I greatly appreciate a place in your communications with churches.

I invite Presbyterians to come to Ukraine to see what we do or to volunteer. 

You can invite me to speak or meet with committees, classes, and anyone on Zoom.

I believe, Ukraine desperately needs all the help that the USA can give to halt and repel the Russian invasion and to provide humanitarian assistance. 

View our website:  

Write to me at:

cell in Ukraine: +308960214952

cell when I'm in the USA: 828 318 2149 


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