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Mayor donates office to This Child Here

As you know, there is a war in Ukraine. Charitable foundation "This Child Here" continues to help families from war zones.

This week, the Mayor of Vilkova donated an office for our volunteer center. It was opened this week. Olenka Barbul has been working for our foundation since the beginning of the war.

Thousands of Ukrainians who have settled in the city of Vilkova where nearby villages are receive help in the form of hygiene products and food for children. In the new office, psychologists from the Inclusive Resource Center will support and provide psychological assistance.

In the sports center of the city of Izmail of our foundation, new groups have been opened - for table tennis and outdoor tennis. Already the first training showed us the need for such classes. Children in wartime do not play enough sports. Mothers gratefully called the coaches and asked when was the next training.

A holiday party in honor of Halloween was held in the hostel "Stop in Odesa,” where families from war zones live for free. Today, more than 60 forcibly resettled Ukrainians live in two hostels organized by the "This Child Here” foundation. Along with accommodation, they receive free meals, help with paperwork, children work with teachers according to the program, there are classes with a psychologist, and creative entertainment.

We continue to support and help. Together we will stand, good will win!

A message from Olya Balaba, Director of Programs for This Child Here.


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