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A Place Called Sergevka

This is Anya. Look at her face and you see apprehension. It was my first photo of Anya.

Gather 60 people in a camp designed to help families (in this case, foster families) learn how to raise children, and all will be nervous in the beginning. But after a time, people relax, get comfortable, and realize they might learn something. Through presentations, discussions and activities, families learn new ways, healthy ways to be a family.

Anya, I learned is a brave and bright participant in our activities. She has a different look now in front of the camera.

The following pictures I have taken, capture for me the mood of families who are glad to be here. I see it in their faces, their concerns about how to raise their children, their eagerness to do the right thing, the loving thing.

These images capture the joy of children in creative play, and the excitement of teens growing into adulthood.

It's only the second day and already I know that the parents will go home not only with hours of classroom education, but with formative experiences to guide them in the issues of childhood development, and lifetime friends to support them in years to come.

Grace and Peace from Ukraine

Robert Gamble


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