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What we do and a Thanksgiving Thank You.

Christina teaches dance at our Peace Camp for families displaced by the war. If I tip my laptop screen back I see her as a dark shape against a blue oval on the screen. It's dramatic. Below, I am standing with a few boys at our Peace Camp last summer. They also have a way of creating drama.

This mom from Peace Camp had a t-shirt I believe all these families who lost homes and jobs from the war might need to wear.

These teens are learning to teach peace in a time of war. It's the camp for our Peace Creation project. They speak, listen and learn, then go home with skills in conflict management, creating consensus, and more.

Below, Ukrainian foster and adoptive parents are learning about childhood development and parenting of kids they have or will be receiving into their families from local orphanages. They take it seriously; it's not always easy.

And here's a cat asleep on a bench just outside the Odessa Center for Children and Families. With all that's going on in the world and Ukraine and families, there's nothing like a good nap on a park bench to make one feel better.

These are pictures I have taken in the past year of the programs I am thankful for. We are grateful for your support of the work of This Child Here. Clearly, I love what I do.

Ahh, someone snatched my camera.

Grace and Peace,

Robert Gamble

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