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THE ART OF PEACE at the School for Creative Peacemaking.

For a week in July, these teens and staff members gathered for a camp directed and sponsored by This Child Here. I believe only their words and their pictures can describe what happened at the summer camp for students who have graduated from the School for Creative Peacemaking.

I don't know how it happens, but every time in my head there are thoughts about the school of peacekeeping, about people who create atmosphere and program, about young peacekeepers - I'm inspired. Masha

No phrase will describe what I feel after the time spent with you .... Thanks to the [Peace Art] School I again and again rethink everything around and come to realize how much the world is charming and unexplored. With a sense of gratitude for life, dreams and communication with you, I go home to bring peace to every sphere of life. Tatiana

And now I'm writing about this special school when I went through three stunning stages in Kiev and two summer camps in Odessa. I am inspired by the wise fasilitatorami and I can't get used to the fact that already like three years I am and myself is a facilitator. We gently call each other peacekeepers. I want to say that the world itself will not come to the world. If you want people to be kinder and honest, start with yourself. Sophia

Time is elastic, it can be stretched deep... Alla Soroka

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