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Finding Peace in a Sanitorium: It's not what you think it is.

These images come from the Peace Camp near Odessa, Ukraine, designed, directed and funded by This Child Here. Participating families are Internally Displaced Persons who live not far from the war in eastern Ukraine.

​We started four years ago with the idea of helping kids, then decided if we were to help kids, we needed to help the families. These photos give you a snapshot into the activities of this camp: above teens jump at sunset near the Black Sea, below, a boy makes a candle and gives it to his mom with a kiss.

Camp was held at the site of an old Soviet Sanitorium (you think "nuthouse") but really these were places those with money would come to relax in the summers. These sanitoriums have mostly been remodled to serve families and a host of children's camps for sports and crafts and learning.

Below you see candlemaking and other crafts, dance classes, games for kids and games for adults. Our plan with camps is to offer these families who live near the war time away, time to get to know other families and each other. They come to me afterwards to say, Thank You,

I tell them thanks needs to go to the churches and individuals in the USA who support the work of This Child Here. So I'll pass it on to you... You have lifted the lives of people whose lives are difficult. And they are grateful. THANK YOU!

Grace and Peace,

Robert Gamble

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