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"Because I felt very different emotions and at times it was unbearable, but all day yesterday I

Now and then, I read something from a young person that startles me. I forget, at times, the power of an experience like these teens had for three days. I forget the depth of thought at 15 years of age. There she is in middle of the photo, with Vlad to her left and Danil to her right, as they were walking to lunch. They spent three days in Kiev during a Peacemaking Program for Ukrainian teenagers sponsored by This Child Here, Children of Hope and the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Olenka wrote:

"I love this place for agents and atmosphere. I love that there all dreams can become presentations of ideas and executed projects. Now I love the fact that all my thoughts are heard. For the fact that with 16 people from different cities and villages (hurray) we exchanged phones and I have already run out to talk with Margot....

[I love it] Because this corridor and rooms are just native. Because compliments are told to me and thank me. You will read it, I'm sure (from others) - because the night conversations are even warmer and the sounds of the clock (I love it) are even more magical.

Because I felt very different emotions and at times it was unbearable, but all day yesterday I felt the integrity and harmony that I lacked for a long time. Because I felt this peace and tranquility inside. Because I am currently writing this post, and it is very different from all that I have on facebook.

I returned ... filled and completed, and it is very interesting to feel. the MIR (Peace) creation school, I had many thoughts and felt many feelings, but it's all - very personal... based on the personal experience. And, of course, I did not have enough. And I wish everyone who reads this, to feel and think at every moment of life.

Thank you very much Katerina Klyuzko , Alla Soroka, Natalia Kotlyar, Tatyana Siritsina, Robert Gamble and all-all future peacekeepers.

"The only way to understand is to act." Paulo Coelho "Alchemist"


And Danil wrote:

The three days of the training broke out (flew away), like a plane on the hill, leaving behind only a trail in the Noise, Soul and Hearts. During these three days, I realized how deeply people could think and how much to "improve my skills". But everything is in order. The third day of the training. It all started because I did not sleep. But that's my fault. All night, talking to like-minded people is cool. They talked about everything in the world. 🌃

It was also good to end the second day when we all set up a mini disco, and then sat in a circle and sang ... There was a kind of spiritual affinity an extraordinary emotion with people around.

During the last hours of the training, topics related to the relationship between people were discussed, how to speak so as not to offend. ("Broken Heart of Masha", a game we played) and continued to feel and understand everyone. 👥👥

I would like to add that I did not want to go home at all. I would like to once again pass around the little teddy bear (we held when it was our time to speak), "to hear and listen" to everyone. 💬🗨🗯💭 I am "Charged" by emotions by 100,000%.


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