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This Year and in the Year to Come

We need your support.

We currently have the opportunity and responsibility for training all new foster families in Odessa. Currently, we are the only agency in Odessa certified to do this. We recently held three trainings for three weeks, four days a week, for families who want to care for children. The city wants ten more. I expect that number to increase as Ukraine continues to move from orphanages to Ukrainian families providing foster care. We will start a mentoring program in 2017, matching families with kids in orphanages. As those relationships grow, this will lead to more families taking children into foster care.

Our dream is to build nurturing families with resilient children. If you have children, know about that; it takes consistency and love.

We have a cadre of really good people to do this: wise, capable and caring. That look in their eyes I see, when they get to do what they love to do, and get paid for it. I’m passing that on to you:)

Robert Gamble

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