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That was the week that was

Years ago, there was a TV show called, That Was The Week That Was, featuring highlights of week. The last photo on this page is a happy me. Read the notes and see the photos and you will understand why. August 24th is Independence Day for Ukraine. Olya is leading ceremonies with the Mayor of Izmail. Olya works with the Mayor's office as the Chief Specialist for the City Council of Izmail. She is also the Director of Programs in Ukraine for This Child Here.

This week, also, we opened our Center for Displaced Families and Children, with activities each afternoon and some evenings of the week for children of all ages and parents.

(Notice the meeting to two flags)

In Odessa, I visited our Stop Inn Hostel where 11 families (30 people) enjoy a month of rooms and meals, which gives them time to get a job and place to live in Odessa. Mariam, below, manages the shelter with a little help from her friends.

Every Day, we meet families at grocery stores with names like ATB, or Tavria. We tell them to shop, give them a spending limit and meet them at the cashier. Afterwards, I walk with them to the local park and take photos.

Even in this war; there are so many moments of hope. Grace and Peace Robert Gamble -- Dr. Robert Gamble D.Min, PC(USA)Executive Director, To donate via PayPal or Debit or check CLICK HERE To unsubscribe to these emails click:Here My Mobile phone when in Ukraine: +380 96 0214952. WhatsApp everywhere. +380960214952 Mobile phone in USA and Viber everywhere: +1 828 318 2149 Donations by mail go to: This Child Here P.O. Box 2531 Ormond Beach Fl 32175 This Child Here is a validated ministry in the Presbyterian Church and a U.S. 501c3 at work in Ukraine, Believing children deserve a life grounded in peace and dignity. To subscribe to our newsletter go here: Our home office is at: This Child Here 245 Seaview Ave Daytona Beach, Fl . 32118 We are: see also: We do not believe in Ourselves until someone Reveals that deep inside us Something is valuable, Worth listening to, worthy Of our touch, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can Risk curiosity, wonder, Spontaneous Delight, or any experience that reveals The human spirit. e.e. cummings


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