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How do Peacemakers learn to make Peace?

They learn by doing.

They talk

they listen

they work in groups

they laugh

they think

they agree

and disagree

they lay aside emotion, fear, and prejudice.

They look at you for who you are.

They pick up the tools needed

to help themselves and others

find common ground,

encourage empathy,

and foster peace in a land of conflict.

Exceptional people; what words can I choose?





and full of promise.

John Lampon, 81 years old, (on the left) led this event in the forests of Ukraine.

We gathered in aged, concrete structures of the Soviet Union,

now put to new purpose.

No stranger to conflict, the weight of experience on John's shoulders includes work in Northern Ireland, (the Troubles), Uganda (community development, mine clearance), in Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia with UN. In perestroika times, with UNESCO, in Belarus and Ukraine.

John gave us wisdom in his words, and in our action.

In our engagement with each other,

we learned something beautiful.

This training by The Alternatives to Violence Project of Ukraine was funded by the Menonites and attended by AVP volunteers of Ukraine. Many of those you see in these photos, work for This Child Here. This is how Peacemakers learn.

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