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These Teens are Creative Peacemakers, a summer camp sponsored by This Child Here, summer 2018.

Here above and below are Ukraine's best and brightest teenagers. Each has graduated from 9 days of intensive training in conflict management, communication skills, self assessment and endless conversation with each other about their lives and hopes and beliefs. This Child Here brought them together for another 5 days by the Black Sea. In a country suffering with war, they are learning to lead the way to peace.

Robert Gamble . (my happy face is at the bottom)

Their words about the camp:

--Friends-facilitators, as I want to tell you! The oceans, the abyss, the Universe, the planet and the galaxies are the ones you want to be, and take with you, at least a bit, even a particle of you.

--I remember Vanya quoting Lina Kostenko: "And everything in the world needs to be overcome, because every finish is, in essence, a start, and in the foreground there is no need to be a godfearer, and not worth the cry for the past ..." - and indeed, six days of the camp have passed, gone, leaving in our books a trace of life, a beautiful, warm, bright, peacemaking trail that you want to convey to others ...

--....we were engaged in creativity, and shared what we were curious about, we all created an atmosphere in which we were easy to express ourselves, to share the best, to come closer and to know each other. Thank you to everyone who has invested his strength, knowledge, means, patience, care, kindness .... it made the camp real and so valuable!

--I am immensely grateful to the Team of Facilitators of the project (Aleksandr Chorney, Alla Soroka, Tatyana Siritsina, Lyudmila Komashko, Sabina Pekshina), our Romanian volunteers Roman Shemakov and Daria Una Mateescu and the man who believed in this project, supported it - Dr. Robert Gamble

--We are equally grateful to those whom we have not seen (individual supporters from the USA, and Presbyterian Churches), but who provided funds so that we could meet and send a piece of this summer together on the sea. Good results are inevitable :)

--Be sure in my heart for all your life love for you, memories of our vocal singing, literary evening, the beauty of the night sky above our slope and that oddly violet jellyfish .

It's beautiful in Ukraine, but dark clouds hang in the east.

Art Class

Yulia will be an exchange student with the Flex Program in Nettleton, MS this school year.

Swimming in the Black Sea, free of sharks, but lots of jellyfish.


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