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Our mission 

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We work with families displaced by the war. Thousands of people have fled cities in the east and arrived in Izmail, Ukraine in the west. As many fathers are in the military or still residing in places now dangerous, these families often consist of mothers and children. We provide products from grocery stores, and centres for youth and children's activities, including sports, music, art, and programs led by psychologists. Through these activities, summer camps, and the supportive community we have built, we offer therapy for the trauma and shock suffered by these families.  This Child Here, Inc. is a Validated Ministry in the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

BELOW, THE DRONE STRIKE: We sat against a wall, shielded from the window. Two drones hit about 100 yards away. Listen for  the whine of the engine and propeller, the sound of machine guns trying to shoot them down, and the explosions.

What We Do

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Programs for Mothers

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Summer Camps for families


Every dollar of your donation to Give2Ukraine is used to purchase supplies (food, medicine, boots and jackets) to help people displaced by this war.  

click below and donate via PayPal to give funds to keep our organization running, our Center open and summer camps in operation.

To contact me in Ukraine: 

Dr Robert Gamble directs this validated ministry as a member of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina,

The Presbyterian Church (USA)

828 318 2149

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In Ukraine, you can contact me by cell phone at: +380960214952.
or call on Viber, Whatsup, or Skype at:. +1 828 318 2149

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Charity Navigator requires an annual income of over 1 Million dollars for 2 years to qualify for a rating. But you will see us listed.

Every child deserves a life grounded in dignity and peace.

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