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They Take Difficult Children

In the first image, Ira, one of our trainers for foster families and Alla Soroka, our Project Manager pause for a photo at a recent refresher training for foster parents who were first trained two years ago. We brought in a specialist for the four-day event. These are parents who receive a higher level of training than the typical family that "just want's a child to call their own." These parents take difficult children and care for them for years.

Further below, are images from our last training of teens in our program called "Creative Peacemaking." They learn skills in conflict management, communications and techniques to reach consensus. Our technique is game/experience then reflection, game/experience then reflection. For now, COVID limits the size of our classes, but we look forward to a return to our camps and programs in partnership with the Ukraine Academy of Sciences.

My plans to return to Ukraine are on hold until I can get the vaccine's for COVID.


Robert Gamble

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