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Ukrainian and Russian teens working toward reconciliation

Click on the links below and you will see how young boys are being trained by nationalists in Ukraine and Russia. It's not just how to shoot guns. It's permission to kill.

We do a different kind of training. We train teens to work for peace. It's not just how to manage conflict and reach concensus. They learn all that and more... It's permission to trust. We invite young people to believe in a better world, in tolerance, acceptance, and reconciliation. The end of estrangement.

In the fall of 2020, we will gather teenagers from Ukraine and Russia in a neutral place, together. When they go home, they won't go with their heads full of propoganda or the digital images of an enemy. They will go having lived their actual lives with the actual lives of those called, "enemies." They will go home filled with friendship, respect, yes, even love. They will be ambassadors of reconciliation, Peace making her appeal through them.

They will give others permission to trust. The guns and propaganda will be put away. They will invite others to believe in a better world, in tolerance, acceptance, and reconciliation. They will invite others into the end of estrangement between people within Ukraine and between Russia and Ukraine.

It takes a long time for countries to heal after a war. It's why we start with those who are young. Can these young people bring peace to Ukraine? They can.

Nationalist camp in Ukraine trains kids to kill



Inside Russia's military summer camps | DW English

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