Making Peace in a time of  War

Training teens to work for peace


In February and March, fifteen teens and five adults (counting me) gather Kiev, Ukraine for a worthy purpose: to learn the art of creating peace with groups of people. Each year we identify student leaders from high schools across Ukraine, and bring them together for The School for Creative Peacemaking and then to a Peacemaking Camp in the summer. 

Using methods of the Alternatives to Violence project, a combination of structured activities and conversation and reflection (no lectures), we challenge participants to create an atmosphere of trust.   

We can't stop a war or shape politics. 

But we can address resentment, animosity, bitterness, prejudice, mistrust and fear.  We can build the things that make for peace.

Supporting families displaced by the war.


In the past four years we have offered a Peace Camp for families displaced by the war.  The camp was designed to give families time for rest by the sea. With games and activities, they were able to build relationships with other familes who have lost homes, jobs and ways of life becasue of the war. 

This year we will work to build support groups among those families to encourage them in this difficult time of their lives. 

These are families that come from a region that includes the city of Zaporizhia in eastern Ukraine to villiages in the Barrier Zone between Russia and Ukraine.