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Our Summer camps for displaced families

We did it !

Two camps of 50 people, mothers with children - migrants from our country, rested for free on the seaside in Bulgaria. When in April my idea of a seaside vacation was supported by the sponsors and management of the American Charity Foundation This Child Here - "This Child Is Near" Robert Gamble, even I could not imagine that with a team effort we could make a vacation ok the families are so busy. Camping in the pine forest, gentle sea nearby, four meals, slide pool, creative games with various activities - all and not to mention. And yet our children met and made new friends, learned to sculpt their favorite characters, crochet with colorful wire, draw with left hand, play uno, Mafia and Monopoly, table tennis and volleyball. Of course, there were also little trouble, especially with a group of younger children, - they spread a wasp swarm, then carried a cat to a hotel, then defended the country with aggressively determined teenagers, then burned in the bushes... At the end of the entrance, I was a little sípalasʹ from screaming :" Aunt Olya, Aunt Olya, and there... "

Children are children, even if they are children of war.

In general, everything was great, the vacation was successful, the children and moms were happy and satisfied to return home. Ahead - arranging the premises for creative meetings of children under the foundation, preparing for the new school year, helping with the purchase of warm clothes in cold seasons. And on a daily basis, meetings with displaced families and assistance in purchasing food for the most vulnerable communities. And all this is possible thanks to Robert Gamble Foundation and the American people who have not left us alone in the fight for victory since the first day of the war.   

-Olga Balaban, Director of Programs for This Child Here.

From myself, a huge THANK YOU for an unforgettable, wonderful, warm, sincere, easy, rest!!!!

Over the years of my life I have been to many beautiful places in Ukraine and abroad, but these special 7 days will remain in my soul, to the smallest detail. Laughter, smiles, emotions of children, professionalism of Olga, Alena, and girls. Our beautiful Robert, who gives his soul, a part of himself to every child and idolizes him.

Our dear organizers, God bless you with good health and low bow for what you are doing!!! 

-Lena K.

    Infinitely grateful to everyone for the best holiday! We received a lot of emotions, an incredible charge for the future.

I wish everyone to move forward with new strength to a new happy life!

Thank you!!!

-Lena C.

Thank you very much to everyone, I join all the words said above. Thank you so much for your attention and most importantly for your understanding at a difficult time, a low bow to all of you who have been with us all these days, this is not forgotten    -Irina 

Good night and rest for everyone, but in general it's a thrill, it's life, it's Destiny to meet everyone and get acquainted with the Child Nearby Foundation !!! Glory to Ukraine and Glory to America!!!

-Olya C

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