Every child needs a family

The way things are:

The plan we have: 

The people we have:


Currently there are 751 orphanages in Ukraine and 106,000 youth and children in them.  Governing officials and child advocates would like to close them. It can't happen overnight.


Families need to step forward; parents and children need to be prepared. It must be done right.

We prepare families for the foster children they will receive. The year before we began training foster families, ten families who had taken children, fell apart.  In our first year of training families, only one did not succeed.


 All foster families in the region of Odessa, Ukraine are trained by This Child Here. We have great people and a good program.  Government agencies want us. Faith based programs want us. The people that work for This Child Here are the best and the brightest. They are smart, committed and caring. They work out of love for what they do.